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Nice job on the pack....how long did it take to make if you don't mind me asking??
Whole process form first cut to final product, 2 weeks. Assembly of the final product, a bit more than 24hrs.

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Nice job on the DIY --- I LIKE! Might hafta take this on as a future project . . .

Thanks for takin us along for the walk. I'm trying to find half a day off work this week to get out and do some filming - need to demo my newest cook kit based around the Imusa grease pot, w/ both alcohol & wood stoves stored inside.

Funny thing, just last night I was down in the shop making a mount for my phone (which does better video & audio than my camera) so I can mount it on a tripod or to the end of my walking stick. No, I don't use hiking poles - I like to make my own from small vine-twisted trees. Maybe someday I'll break into the 21st century. Maybe . . .

Thanks for checking out the vid, was a fun project to do.

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Birdseed before pink brains.
Great vid Cat thanks for the glimpse into your world.
I'd rather eat bird food before pork brains from a can any day.

Have a couple more videos planned that I want to get done over the next few weeks. Darn things are addictive to do.