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    SOLD - Please Close


    Military Patagucci R1 Knockoffs - Well they aren't technically knockoffs.... they are the real deal military issued gear. Very same weight material (Polartec brand) that Patagonia uses on their R1 series. These are a much better value if you can deal without the name brand.

    Willing to sell these as sets for a discounted price (whatever I save in shipping them together).

    $33 - NWOT Peckham Level 2 Top - Large/Long - Coyote Brown Color
    -These are **** near exactly the same as the Patagonia R1, same weight grid fleece.
    -Awesome kangaroo pouch and thumb loops

    $23 - NWT Peckham Level 2 Bottom - Large/Long - Coyote Brown
    -Very same as R1 Bottoms

    $25 - NWOT Gen III Level 2 Top - Large/Regular - Desert Tan Color
    -Same as above, very similar to R1, thumb loops (no kangaroo pouch on this one)

    $25 - Issued Gen III Level 2 Top - Large/Regular - Desert Tan
    -Same as above, very similar to R1, thumb loops (no kangaroo pouch on this one)
    -Excellent condition, very very slight piling at the hem of the fabric.

    $18 - Issued Gen III Level 2 Bottom - Medium/Long - Desert Tan
    -Very same as R1 Bottoms
    -Some slight piling, and two pin sized holes on the hip area.
    -These have been cleaned and still have lots of life! Don't be afraid!
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