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Thread: 2 Quilts

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    2 Quilts

    First an Enlightened Equipment RevX 20* Long and Wide with 2oz overstuff. Never used, yellow inside/grey outside $210.00 shipped


    HG Burrow 20* Long and Wide, olive green outside/black inside, with sewn foot box, used 2 nights, in as new condition $250.00 shipped

    Second LeighLo V3 30* 48" UQ, black in center with olive green on outside, in as good as new condition $old

    Which ever TQ sells first, I'll keep the other for myself, thanks for looking...

    OR....I would trade for a TTTG switchback 1.9DL....
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    2 Quilts

    Color of Leighlo

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    Sorry, black in center with olive green outside, will edit op.

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    HG Burrow added to OP

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    I'll take the leighlo assuming that includes shipping

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    LeighLo sold
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    I want to buy Enlightened Equipment RevX 20*. Is it still for sale?

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    ^^Brand new member, 1 post and in Russia...hmmm^^

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    Pics sent as requested

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    Trade offer in OP

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