Great write up.

I just bought the same hammock and tarp from HH (wish I had inquired about a military discount) after borrowing a friends last fall for a backpacking trip. Now I'm hooked. I think hammock manufacturers should offer kick backs for people to lend their hammocks to friends. One night and I was sold.

I did my first night in it last weekend in the backyard. -16*C (3*F) was too cold for my summer backpacking sleeping bags. That being said I had a great time.

I like seeing your ridgeline setup. I have been brainstorming on how to do mine. I wasn't sure if the s-biner would be strong enough. I was thinking about the toggle and prussik method that Shug used in one of his tarp videos.

Time to buy some line and start moddifying my Hex tarp. It's alot harder to get it in Canada without paying high shipping prices for no good reason.

I bought some SMC decending rings to use with the stock suspension and I must say that setup was a breeze. SMC rings are very light and seem to handle the weight with no worries. That may be a good option for you unless you are going to upgrade to whoopie slings.