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    SOLD: SMD Starlite pack for sale.

    Pack is sold.

    I bought this pack used from Gadgeteer for 125 shipped. I've only taken it out once. Deciding to go a different direction for a larger pack. Will sell shipped for $100.


    Used SMD Starlite pack. It has the stays and large(34" to 44" inch waist) belt with pockets. I also have blue 3/4" CCF pad in back that fits perfectly and is very comfortable.

    30 oz. with Stays


    One Size Fits Torsos 15 to 22 inches

    Body: 210 Denier Dyneema Nylon
    High Wear: 420 Denier Pack Cloth
    Extn Collar: 70 Denier SilNylon
    Body Contact: .etc Low Friction

    Pads Supported
    3/4 Length: Closed Cell Foam
    3/4 or Full Length: Inflatable Pads

    Recommended Loads
    Base Weight: 17 Pounds or Less
    Max Weight: 35 Pounds or Less

    Pack Volume
    Main Bag 3000
    Extension Collar 400
    Side Mesh Pockets 500
    Front Mesh Pocket 300
    Cubic Inches 4200
    Liters 67

    1) Multiple Hip Belt Support

    Each belt is padded with a stiff 3/8 in thick foam core.
    The sizing of hip belt is dependent upon in the length of padding used in each belt. In addition to the padding, each belt has 30 inches of 1.5" webbing. This allows the belt considerable lattitude for waist sizes. Which belt is right for you depends upon how much padding you wish. The table below list the various sizes of hip belts available and their recommended waist sizes.

    Hip Belt Pockets Each of the two hip belt pockets measures 3.5" X 6" X 2" and holds 42 cu. in. of easily accessable gear. Together they add and additional 80 plus cubic inches of storage to your pack. They are sized to be large enough to carry a small digital camera, GPS, snacks, sun screen or other items you need quick access too. Still they aren't so large as to get in your way.

    Size Padding Waist Sizes
    Long 34 inches 34 to 44 inches

    2)Shoulder Strap Length

    The standard length is 18" and is s suitible for most people.

    3) Stays

    The Starlite allows the use of two removable 24" aluminum stays. These provide additional load transfer for heavier loads. They are easily inserted or removed from the pack. So you easily insert them when needed.
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