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    Quote Originally Posted by Acer View Post
    which XLC did you have carolinersbackpacker? Single or double? Glad you had a nice hang.
    I got the 1.1 dbl
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shug View Post
    Maybe this will help you on that UQ dilemma on Warbonnets.......
    Enjoy the hammock.
    Thanks for reminding me of that most excellent video Shug! It's been almost a year since I last watched it (time flys when you're having HF fun).

    Your tip for tightening the UQ suspension on one side and loosening the other looks to do the trick. Hmmm... after a bit'o DIY on my continuous loop UQ suspension, I could easily turn that into a 4-corner-independent UQ suspension.

    Your tips for adjusting the UQ after the bugnet has been zipped closed made me smile- "Reach out and reach over" and "reach through" Ahhh so simple yet so elegant! Yeah! Not rocket science and I probably would have eventually done those too- but your videos, once again, shorten the learning curve for us all.

    Adding your tip for "keeping the QU suspension cord over the top of the footbox" and it seems the UQ issues are solved.

    Thanks again Shug!
    - Loki my videos
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