So far I've seen two basic types of pole mods: poles on the inside of the tarp and poles on the outside. I've been playing around with poles on the outside of my Tadpole. To experiment I attached rubberbands with a lark head knot to the side pull-outs and put my trek pole through them to see how that worked, then tried a tent pole. The tent pole was too long. My trek pole worked very well but I'm worried that it's too heavy and might rub on my tarp ridge. I also tried some scunci silicon hair bands in place of the rubberbands. The hair bands worked just as well--they didn't slide and are sturdier than the rubberbands.

Do you think I'm endangering my tarp if I use my trek pole? I have a cap to put over the end of the pole and thought about putting either the tarp stuff sack or some fleece under the pole where it meets the tarp. What do you think? I'll try to get some pictures.