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    Web'g cinch buckle

    Replacing those troublesome Warbonnet cinch triangles

    I love the webbing that Warbonnet puts on their hammocks. It is light and thin and really the best, but if you try to get rid of the triangles he uses for adjusting the webbing by replacing them with the mechanical cinch buckles the thin webbing won't hold. So I had had enough this week of not being able to loosen the tension on my hammock suspension, I am going back to the old cinch buckles that are really easy to adjust.
    As I tried this webbing and that webbing I really regretted having to use the thicker, heavier stuff, so I came up with a way to make the Warbonnet webbing hold very tightly in the old Rope1 cinch buckles.
    What I did was take a short piece of the thicker webbing and putting it thru the cinch buckle then run the thin Warbonnet through it right on top of the thicker piece. It held really good and actually loosened easier than ever, so I made one for each cinch buckle and sewed them on the buckles.
    Now I just use the buckle with the thin Warbonnet webbing just as if it was thicker and is seems to be very reliable.
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