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    Quote Originally Posted by STinGa View Post
    Hey now Bruciehi5,

    I was also born in '67, and I am by no means old. Lol

    Thanks for taking us on your trip. I always enjoy the sights you share.

    Well, if you aren't old, then I’m not either! That’s good news, I can do longer hikes, and, and, and other stuff too! Very exciting! You’re welcome for the take along, STinGa, but if I start feeling old again, I’ll have to leave you (the camera) on the side of a track somewhere. lol I won’t just leave you, I’ll wave goodbye!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk-eye View Post
    GREAT TO SEE YA back out and about ... and on video pal! Rightly enjoyed that.
    It sure is good to be back out and about! Just as well too, because I’ve got a list of about 28 walks I want to do. That’s too many walks to let life get in the way of them! Thanks for watching, Hawk-eye, it’s good to hear from you, I hope all is well!

    Quote Originally Posted by BlazeAway View Post
    Always enjoy you videos. You have such a lovely country. But I missed some shots of your small tarp. Different angles and the like. Hammocks and gear are pure beauty. Can't get too much of that.
    Best of wishes,
    Yes, BlazeAway, mental note... more angles of hammy stuff – very important! I haven’t been talking about my hammock gear much in my videos. That little part on my set up was my half-bottomed attempt to start doing so. Just between you and me, I’ve already made another/next video, and I didn’t talk about my hammock at all, so I’ll have to make up for it in the video after that with lots of angles. Thanks for watching, BlazeAway! It’s good to see your trail name appearing here and there again!

    Quote Originally Posted by SkyPainter View Post
    Another great trip report / vid from Brucihi5! Enjoyed it a lot! I love those shots in the forest ..... and especially the two shots of the fat little Skinks! Looks like nice country ... Hope to get there someday myself!

    Stay safe, hang tight!

    ~ SkyPainter
    Hi there SkyPainter, it’s good to hear, or is that read, that you enjoyed the video, thanks for taking the time to let me know! I’ll have to get myself a GoPro 3D camera. Then the forest would look “supur,” as BlazeAway would say. I was thinking that those Skinks were a bit on the chubby side, but I didn’t want to say anything, in case I offended them – you know what Skinks are like! lol The last thing we need is Skinks protesting in the streets.

    Quote Originally Posted by mbiraman View Post
    Hey Brucie; Looks like a nice place to hang out. Thanks

    No worries, mbiraman, thanks for watching it.

    Quote Originally Posted by lilprincess View Post
    Thank you for such a great trip report. I really enjoyed it. I've always wanted to visit that area of the world but can't seem to get out of northern North America!
    Wellllll, he came on his way, and then a what do you know, I saw him last night on a TV show, he was a blowing it out, a really knock’en em dead, playing rock n rock music through the horn in his head...

    They were the days! I first heard that song on the first kind of record that came out (no, I didn’t buy it new, I’m not that old). It was the stiff, thick vinyl that broke, if you hit it on something hard. Now I’m feeling old again, I need another pep talk from, STinGa.

    Thanks for watching the video, lilprincess, and for the trip down little people eater lane!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hototo View Post
    Excellent share. Thanks. Love the waterfalls.
    Yeah, the waterfalls are great and never seem to get old... if only they came with volume controls! I suppose the grand master creator can’t think of everything. I’m glad you like the video, Hototo, thanks for commenting too, that’s good!

    Quote Originally Posted by OutandBack View Post
    Really enjoyed your TR video Bruciehi5 thanks for sharing it. All the waterfalls were wonderful.
    Hello, OutandBack! It’s good to hear from you and I’m pleased that you liked the trip report. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I like waterfalls! To me they are one of natures greatest creations, and no matter how many I see, I always look forward to seeing another one!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shug View Post
    Yessir......"THOSE FALLS CAN BE MIGHTY LOUD"....
    Would love to do a hike along with you sometime.
    The audio is mighty nice.
    What’s that, Mr.Shug! I can’t hear you, because I’m a bit deaf! I’ve been hiking near some waterfalls and they were MIGHTY LOUD! It would be good if I could turn the noise down a bit, especially when I’m trying to film them, or sleep near one. I might do a Google search for, “waterfall volume controllers.” You never know!

    If we were to do a hike, it would have to be to Section 13. There is something special about that place. We could chuck a yoni, or two, off the top of the hill.

    I think I’ve worked out the audio sync problem I’ve been having, so hopefully the next video will be spot on! Thanks for posting and for watching my latest video, Mr. Shug! Oh, and me not being able to watch two of your videos was caused by faulty/rotten wires in my phone line. I had it fixed a couple of days ago, so it should be good from now on. Phone is clearer and my internet is much faster.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jcavenagh View Post
    bh5 - Thanks for that nice trek. It's autumn in Queensland, so are temps cooling a bit?
    You’re welcome for the trek, Jcavenagh! Yes, day two of autumn it is, and the temps “feel” about the same during the day, but a bit cooler at night. The weather man says it will be about 18C at night over the next few days and 25C during the day. 64F and 77F Really good hiking weather. During the summer months the temps average 20, 68 to 23, 73 at night and 29, 84 to 32, 89 during the day, which to me is just right. In winter the temps get right down to average 12, 53 at night and 22, 71 during the day. We get about 5 days a year where the day temps stay below 20, 68 and that’s enough!

    Quote Originally Posted by E.A.Y. View Post
    Enjoyed it very much. Thanks!
    You’re welcome, E.A.Y! Thanks for posting and for taking the time to watch!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bama Man View Post
    Thanks Bruciehi5, Nice job on the video!!! Beautiful country there. It is always nice to see videos from other places. Keep up the good work!!!
    Same here! I spend 98% of my time, here at Hammock Forums, watching and reading trip reports. I like to see other places hangers hike. I realize that I probably won’t ever get to hike in any of the places I see on the trip reports here, so the trip reports are the next best thing. Thanks for watching my report, Bama Man and thanks for your comments.
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