Hey there Hommockforum folks!
First time poster... I'm a newbie all around, but I continue to learn soooo much fun stuff from you guys here at the forum.

I just received my beautiful new Jarbidge UQ from Arrowhead Equip. And, I LOVE it!!! I'm sooo suprised at how light weight it is! It's longer than I thought it would be too! Covers my back side perfectly (I'm a big'un-6'2" 250lbs). A GREAT PRODUCT! And super fast turn around time and shipping from AHE. I even threw a monkey wrench into the order by adding more materials, clips, and other products after I placed the original order, but Paul was a champ and handled it all without a hiccup and saved me a few dimes on shipping!!! GREAT SERVICE!!!

So, here's why i'm posting... Even though I love my new Jarbidge as-is, i'm a DIY'er and tinkerer by heart, so i'm thinking about modifying something on it and wanted to run it by all you cool cats here on hammockforum first.

I'm thinking about adding a long channel for shock cord suspension to each of the long sides of the Jarbidge. I've notice many other UQ's have that, and after watching Shug's videos, I see the benefit of being able to slide the UQ along a continuous channel for 2 reasons: 1. fine tuning placement under my backside, and 2. the sides of the UQ would gather up nice and tight around hammock via the shock cord channels.

My hesitation is that I'm doing this as "retro-fitting" and not sure about the best place to sew to. I'm thinking about trying to machine-sew a 1.5" grossgrain channel to the edge--sewing through all layers (ripstop top, insul, and ripstop bottom). Or should I just sew the grossgrain channel it to the ripstop top layer only?
Here's the grossgrain channel idea I'm looking at:

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help!