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My girl is crate trained. It doesn't mean she likes it, that's for sure. And, I've not had to use one for her since I got her. So, I'm pretty sure she's going to have to have some training and treats to get her use to it. My plan, after it's built, is for it to be her bed full time. I'll take parts of her bed, and use it for the flooring for now. She'll have almost a year before she's going to be sleeping in it full time on the trail.

She was a crack up learning how to walk in those dog boots. Now, she waits for me to get my butt in gear.

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She's a cutie! Lots more fur than mine. Jackson is crate trained but to him it's his home, not a punishment. He goes in only when we are gone for long periods, which isn't often. I've debated getting the boots. He's so neurotic about his feet though, I'm afraid he'd just chew them off!

(The first time I put my horse in boots, he forgot how to walk! )