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    I use the MSR groundhogs as well. I use the stock line on the tarp and run it down through the loop on the MSR. I then loop it back up through the second tie point (the little clip) then tie it back to the 3 lines below the tie out points. This tensions it as well as triples the amount of line taking the tension.

    I'll try to post some pictures or a quick video later this week when the weather improves

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    tarp tie outs

    I made a few tie outs using grosgrain.

    Orange because it is very visible in snow. The tie outs are two 3/8" pieces of grosgrain sewn together at 3" intervals, with a piece of 5/16" x 1 1/2" dowel on each end. In use, it is possible to get the short dowel piece thru the loops, and Hennessy tarp loops with out taking gloves off, and, the tie outs won't get tangled together ever. Both ends are equally usable, and the three inch spacing gives a wide variety of length possibilities. This design wouln't be a good idea for high wind set ups. The tie outs are shown here used with the rain fly, not the tarp.

    For an center tarp line, I bought little crab hooks, and made a line which stretchs under the tarp, with the little prussics tendsioning the tarp at along that center line. Using a center line, instead of the hammock suspension line allows the tarp to be above the hammock, without sagging, and, this line under the tarp is invaluable for hanging other stuff, and drying out items.

    I have not found a source for those little black crab hooks, other than to buy the tiny USB travel drive computer pocket, (at WM item # JDSK-2 8585409476) cut off the plastic USB holder pocket, and keep the hook to use for other things. The USB pocket holders are $4 each, but worth it. The little crab hooks can also be used with out taking off gloves in the winter.
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    Im not sure if the guylines for the Poly Hex and the Silnyl Hex are different, and which Hex you have. I have the Poly Hex, and only problem ive had is the same as someone already mentioned concerning the pull out tabs the rings that the lines are attached to. After a year of light use almost every weekend, and heavy use at least once per month, ive seen the stiching is coming off at these pull outs.

    Apart from this, the lines are in perfect condition.
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