Hammock Forums is entering it's third year and continues to grow on a daily basis. I think it's safe to say that Hammock Forums has become the #1 source for anything related to hammock camping. As the forums expands, we the mod team, continue to strive to make the site as streamlined and user friendly as possible. In that effort we have made a few minor changes in the forum.

Please remember that the main focus of the site always was and always will be hammock camping, and the discussions should be kept as hammock related as possible. Any posts that are made to the non-hammock forums should be related to hammock camping and it's associated gear. All other non-hammock and non-gear topics belong in the Donating Member's section.

- The main change that some of you might have noticed is that the Non-Hammock Gear Discussion forum is no longer subscription based, meaning that everyone has access to these forums without going into your control panel and making changes. This should eliminate any confusion that occurs when mods move a thread to keep the forum better organized.

In our efforts to keep the forum focused on hammock camping, we may from time to time move threads to different forum sections where they are more appropriately categorized. From time to time, this will result in off-topic general threads being moved to the Donating Member's Lounge. Please don't be offended, some housekeeping is necessary.

- The Humor forum has been merged with the Donating Member's Lounge.

- If any member DOES NOT want to view or have access to the Donating Member's Lounge, or Non-Hammock Discussions, all you have to do is contact one of the mod team and we will make the changes.

- Last but not least, let's remember that this is a family-friendly site since hammocking appeals to people of all ages. We all need to watch our language and humor carefully. Let's keep HF a place where everyone is comfortable.

As always if anyone has and questions, comments, or problems feel free to contact one of the moderators.

Happy hanging!