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    CLOSED:Hammock Forums T-Shirts

    Hi everybody!

    In response to some requests and following the success of the Whiteblaze t-shirt sale, Attroll has found the time (in the midst of server-switching) to put together our very own Hammock Forums T-shirt!! How cool is that!

    Troll and Jeff have asked me to take care of ordering logistics for the sale. I'll be keeping track of orders, shipping info, and money. Then at the end of the sale, I'll hand everything over to Troll to get the shirts made and shipped.

    The sale will run approximately six weeks. You can expect a couple of weeks lag time past that for Troll to get the shirts made and shipped. All proceeds go to help Troll upkeep the Forums, so let's all pitch in and help him keep things running!

    REQUEST: When ordering, please include your HF screen name in first line of your shipping address on the PayPal order form. This will help me keep track of the orders.
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