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    How to make a bishop bag in 30 seconds

    I have found long mesh bags in thrift store for $0.99. They came from folding camp chairs and they are good strong stuff sacks. The one in this project weighs 2.4oz.

    All you need to do is to fold it lengthwise to find the center, clip between two of the netting spaces and fuse it with a lighter. Run the head end of your suspension line though the hole and you're done! I like the ventilation and if you find the right bag, there is room for tree straps and a small/light tarp.

    I wrap the whoopie sling around the outside and clip the carabiner to the drawstring. When it is time to deploy the hammock, I can pull out a tree strap, and the suspension is ready to go. I leave the bag on all the time and it has some drip-stopping qualities too.

    You may find other bags made for sports equipment or clothing. Of course, you can do the same thing with a stuff sack. If you have access to making button holes, that works great for the suspension exit hole.
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