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    Ever Stretch a hammockgear 40 degree down to 30 degree

    Looking at a 33 degree night, the rest are all above 40 by a good amount. What do you do with you UQ to stretch it down a few degrees?

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    Clothing (extra clothing, wear all layers to bed, to include rain wear, good down jacket), heavy meal just before bed (think stoking the fire), hot water bottle, drink less so you don't have to get up to pee, hand warmers (chemical hot pack type thingies), also have some dark chocolate or some kind of heavy snack if needed during the night if you wake up with a chill.

    Thats pretty much all I do to push my insulation, but I know how far I can go with these techniques as I have done them before, I would add a bit of caution if you've never tried to push your insulation, being cold through the night can be a miserable, and possible dangerous event.

    Think smart and be safe!
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    Does it Have Overfill?

    If your UQ has overfill, that might take you down a few more degrees. I use my Poncho as an overcover on my hammock. It adds several degrees inside.

    Since it's an UQ, you might want to run to Walmart and get a Pad. It will be more than enough to keep you warm with the 40F UQ.
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    Stormcrow has a habit of really pushing the limits on his trips. He determined his 40*F set doesn't really work at 15*F........ REALLY??

    Cranky Bear's absolutely correct... Cover all your bases with those tips. Let us know how it went!

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    You could also use place an emergency space blanket in between the under quilt and hammock. This should add an extra 10F or so of insulation rating.

    Cranky Bear has covered all the bases on the subject. Also factor in good site selection for wind blocking and pitching your tarp lower to the ground as an added measure. You could also take a poncho and hang it below your underquilt to act like a weather shield. The idea being is to try and block as much moving air under your hammock from stealing heat in your underquilt.

    Keep in mind that the weather forecasters are usually quite inaccurate beyond 48 hours and that it is easier to vent an underquilt that is too warm than it is to push one beyond its limits.

    Good luck with your trip.


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