As the title says, I got my tarp sleeves from MountainGoat today. They fit beautifully, the pockets are a super nice touch, and the quality is superb. And the service... I emailed Katharina Saturday with a question, got a response, and officially placed my order. Sunday (EASTER, keep in mind), I got an email saying she just finished them and asking for my address. O_O Amazing.

I'd been using velcro cable ties to roll the tarp up, but I like these skins far better; way easier to get on and off (especially off - they come off in like... 5 seconds).

Here're some pictures of it in action.
Note: This section cross-posted from my thread on the Lazy Slug Tube

We'll start with everything packed away: a Warbonnet Superfly, Warbonnet Blackbird 1.1DL, Warbonnet 20 Yeti, and Warbonnet 20 Mamba. Obviously, the Superfly is in the skins above the tube, which has far more than enough room for the hammock and quilts.

One half of each pulled back:

Everything pulled back: