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    Banff National Park Easter Weekend

    Hi Folks

    I had a pleasant but brief hike with a quick overnight. I parked at the trailhead for the Edith pass trail with every intention of doing a 3 day 2 night trip to Mystic Lake.

    The weather at the 4,000 ft elevation was amazing without any snow and temperatures of 10 deg C. At 4,700 ft on the southern slope I started to find long patches of ice where the snow had melted and frozen again. Without crampons I picked my footing and took my time but it was slow going. I stopped for the night just off the trail. I was using my Nano 7 with a 0 deg F top and 3/4 UQ and slept like a log. I was surprised to find that the temperature didn't go below freezing at night! I think I finally slipped out of the coma around 9:45am.

    Because it never froze that night at that elevation, the packed path was a bit soft but the "shoulders" of the trail were so soft my poles sunk like a rock in water . After a couple hours of that I checked my position and found I would never make it to Mystic lake at the pace available to me so I had lupper on the trail and headed back to the car.

    It wasn't a wasted trip by any means but I will wait until the trail is clear of snow before I try getting to Mystic lake again.

    ....Yes, I know; I have a face that's PERFECT for radio!

    ....and Yes, I do wear that hat to embarrass my children! hommage to one of Fronkey's videos.

    Jungle Jim
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    The hardest part is getting out of bed.

    LOL! I knew what you were going to say, after, or maybe just before, you said, “well.” I read in your report that you woke from your coma at around 9:45. I thought, that can’t be right, so late, but video number three cleared that up for me. Actually, I’m surprised you’re not still there, being so warm and comfortable and all. Getting up must have been the worst part of the trip. Thanks for the trip report, Jungle Jim! Do a trip report next time you attempt/do the same hike. The hat is good, keep it!

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