Until recently I only had the gear to hang 2 of my 4 hammocks at a time. Since then I have acquired a 5lb bag of random webbing. There is a bunch of 1.5in stuff in there which I am hoping to use. The question is how to attach strap A to hammock B. Hammock B is a tank. It's a short double layer upholstery fabric beast. It has issues with shoulder squeeze so I'm planning on doing some form of spreader bar mod. With that I may end up with two amsteel eyes on each end. My first though was to maybe use an elephant hook or Dutch buckle, but those are designed for 1 in webbing. SMC rings have crossed my mind, but they are only 1.5 in ID so I'm wondering if they'd be too small as well.

So, I'm looking for something that is 1) cheap 2) easy to set up/ adjust. Weight really isn't an issue as the hammock must already weigh 10 lb. It will be used to go out and hang in the yard for an hour or two. Anyone have ideas?