New to the forum. Ive stalked around a bit and decided to join in. I got here by way of Buscraft USA.
I got my first real hammy recently and have camped in it a few times and I'm looking to hone my setup and gear a bit. I'm using a ENO double nest and looking to make my own hammock here in the next few weeks. On the short list of projects I would like to make my own hammock compatible sleeping bag (the through the bag kind) and I was thinking of adding grommets to a wool blanket to suspend under the hammock to keep the old ham from freezing.
I am also on the search for decent camping in my area. I'm looking for hammock friendly grounds I can drive or hike into without making reservations. Fresno, Madera and lower lakes like Hensley, Millerton and such are my usual stomping grounds.