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Thread: Lighten me up

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    thanks all

    I really appreciate the info. Fortunately, I discovered BackpackingLight at the same time I discovered HF and I have pretty much gotten my base weight down to UL (under 10 lbs) and that's including a Deuter pack that weighs 42 oz. which is NOT UL. Its wt stands out in my otherwise UL kit, but I've got a lumbar issue and the pack is amazingly supportive.

    I'm certainly not complaining (as I mentioned in my OP) about the wt of the BB. I just don't visit the forums as much as I used to and so I thought perhaps someone had discovered something that I wasn't aware of. Similar to when I discovered Derek's wonderful illustration and video of using tarp flyz and dutch hooks to make my already light continuous ridgeline set up even lighter.
    This 5'5" 130 lb nearly 60 yo gal really appreciates it. ....Oh and BTW I do work out to stay in shape :-)
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    He who would travel happily must travel light.
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    What's your height, weight, BMI, and estimate of where you could and should be?

    (And have you weighed your belt and its buckle.....or are you already, like the rest of us, dual-purposing one of your polyester tree straps to double-secure our trouser / skirt / kilt waists?)*

    *Actually, when four of us hike together through Forest Park, we share a single tree strap instead of wearing four belts. The strap is split 4 ways, lengthwise and across, and gets put back together for one end of one of the hammocks for the night. That solution didn't cost but time and thread, because I've got a sewing machine. This is extreme multi-purposing, but when each of us are also carrying a 2lb shackle lock for our bikes, we need every weight-saving we can find.
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