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    White Rocks trip report 4-8-13

    This was a fine trip. Thanks to XTrekker for planning this one. I only knew Hickery and Cranky Bear from previous hikes, but as usual all the HF folks were great to hike with. I'm not sure which of the others were newbies because they'd clearly done their homework.

    I got there Thursday about 4 PM and reached the campsite by 6. It rained during the night, but I stayed dry, if a bit cool. My summer top quilt and underquilt, augmented with a second light UQ required some fiddling to keep my feet warm. Temp was probably about 32 F.

    Friday was clear. The others had good weather for their hike in. Friday night the temp must have been in the twenties. There was lots of ice in my water bottles, though they weren't frozen solid.

    I received the Wandering Staff from XTrekker, and it's a beautiful piece of work. We all signed the log contained in its secret compartment. I requested that each signer try it out by walking around the campfire circle, because I wanted them to feel how light it is. All complied with due seriousness and concentration, except of course Cranky Bear, who galloped around using the sacred staff as a hobby horse.

    Saturday's hike up to White Rocks was perfect. What a nice spot! Very windy Saturday night, but I'd spent some time earlier fine-tuning my hammock insulation and used the windbreak tarp effectively, so slept nice and warm. Next morning I strolled over to Hickery's setup and fixed breakfast. He had selected probably the best location up there. Note to self: in the future, follow Hickery and do what he does.

    Attached are some pics. Didn't see wildflowers in the woods yet, though there were a few Indian Poke coming up along the stream. It was nice to see the view through the trees while hiking. Saw Coltsfoot blooming along the road on the drive out.

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