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    Crazy Creek Hex Power Lounger 2.0

    I found some old threads mentioning the chair. Has anyone tried the lounger and used it as double duty seat and pad? I am NOT looking for it to go below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

    oh ya, from their page. This sounds like a no brainer for me to use in my double layer hammock.

    All HEX 2.0 Chairs Feature

    Improved 8mm high-density cored EVA closed-cell foam provides more insulation and comfort without added bulk.
    Outer shell of durable 210D coated custom ripstop nylon protects from wet ground.
    Inner surface of water-resistant, breathable 70D coated custom ripstop nylon is more durable, easy to keep clean, provides better insulation and is totally sealed from sand and dirt.
    Virtually unbreakable carbon-fiber stays.
    Tight-knit nylon webbing for superior tensile strength.
    Reinforced wing connection for durability.
    250 pound weight capacity.
    Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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    I have one of the older models, as well as several other crazy creek chairs, inflatable and non. It's comfortable as a seat, and works ok as a sleeping pad for the ground, but it's to thin for me... that's why I got off the ground, never could get comfortable.

    You'd probably want to remove the stays when putting it in your hammock.

    Possible cons: It's pretty heavy. You'll be bringing in dirt/moisture when going from chair to pad mode.

    Big Agnes has some inflatable pads that can be folded to fit into a very lightweight "chair frame" that I have and have used more than the Crazy Creek. I have a ClearView pad.

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    I have 2 on order and will test it next weekend in the hammock and maybe a few times before at home with things set up. I didnt buy it for the hammock but i wonder if i carry this extra luxury weight in my pack can i use it for more than a chair. I wouldn't worry about the carbon stays since they are flat not round and you could always put those at the foot end and have your back on what normally is for your legs and feet.
    I have also used a similar setup from mountain hardware at the beach as a beach towel so add that to what it is good for.
    I bet it makes a good wind break till you get your fire going too.

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