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    Sketter better pro UQ recomindations

    I'm a newbie that is looking for the right kind of setup, i'm still stock but i do have a few ideas on my mind, but the question that i'm stuck on now is the UQ or just go pads(and if so how many).

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    If you can, try both. See which one you like better. It seems a fairly even split as to which is a better setup. Everyone has personal preferences. I have only used a pad and it works for me but I am looking to buy an UQ to see if I like it better. Experiment to find yours. You can always resell the othe gear here in the for sale threads.

    To answer the quantity of pads. I use one 1/2" CF pad in warm, and in colder weather I have a roll of reflectix I add.

    Enjoy your gear hunt.


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