Just put my new whoopie slings on my hennessy. Awesome bit of upgrade.

Those thick ropes are in the drawer in case I need them, but I don't think I will use them again. The slings make hanging a snap. Put loop through tree strap loops, and put trekking pole into the loop. Pull tight. Repeat other end, and tighten the slings. I think if i tried I could get it all ready to go in under two minutes, once I picked the trees out.

I saved the sliding snap lock things from the hennessy ropes, and put them on the whoopies. They don't interfere at all with the adjusting loop as long as there is no tension on them. My only fear is the darn things sliding off the end of the loop.

The whole thing seems to hang well, but I didn't try the tieouts. My ridge line seems a bit loose (the mosquito netting hangs a little different). I think I need to take about an inch off of it, as it sits in a different place on the new ropes. I bought an adjustable ridge line but didn't install it, as my old line is in good shape.

Im thinking of doing a YouTube video or something... I highly recommend the whoopies if you are bored and have $30 to blow.