Hi guys, I'm a health fiend and decided, more than a month ago, to ditch my bed and go with a hammock. I read about all the health benefits, and just decided right then and there as soon as I got the hammock that beds are not for me, I want whats best for my health.

I'm 6ft, 180 and 25 years old, and I purchased this attractive little charmer here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Now here's the issue, about every other night for the past 30-40 days I've tried to sleep in this hammock, I'm adamant about kicking the whole hard surface/mattress habit but it's proving to be difficult.

I've only managed to sleep 6 hours in one stretch in the hammock, but it seemed the sleep was insufficient because I went and just slept on the floor for about 8 hours.

Yes, I'm a nut and I ditched my mattress and bed. So now when I cant finish up sleep in the hammock I just sleep on some blankets on the floor, LOL.

I'm OBVIOUSLY doing something wrong, either in the manner I've set up the hammock, how I position myself in the hammock, or both.

I find the hammock very comfortable for tiny naps, studying, etc. And I know that in many countries hammocks are the norm, so I KNOW its possible to replace my sleeping surface.

As soon as I find my tape measure (or maybe ill have to go buy one) I can provide specifics on my setup, but I was wondering if anyone has a How-to sleep in a hammock?

Please help!