Well if you didn't have enough newbs, here's another intro wall of text!

I got myself a no-name "double wide" hammock from woot for Christmas. I've got some climbing 'biners and ENO atlas straps for it now, but watching videos on youtube and doing some research really makes me want whoopie slings.

I've done two nights in it so far. One at about 20*F and calm, and the other at ~28*F and incredibly windy. The 20* night all I had was two sleeping bags stuffed in each other and a brown wal-mart tarp. The 28* night I tried out a nylon/fleece blanket as an UQ, a pad made from reflectix, and the tarp again. Both nights were passable; I wasn't freezing, but I could have been warmer.

I love camping, but haven't been out consistently for a few years. I'm looking forward to really getting into this!