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    DIY gathered end hammock
    Straps and whoopie

    I just pulled the D.I.Y. trigger big time.

    I've already made my hammock, Fronkey Style bug net, whoopie slings, tree straps, tarp, alky stove, bush buddy clone, and rain kilt. But now I'm really diving in. I just sent out paypal payments for :

    Two quilt kits from Thru-Hiker + extra down to make both a top quilt and bottom quilt. With M45 material and 900 fill down I should be able to build a 20 degree quilt set that weighs about 2.5 pounds. My current synthetic fill sleeping bag is 5.5 pounds.

    4 yards of 1.9 Ripstop from DIYGear to make a slightly longer and slightly lighter hammock (I'm 6' 2" and my hammock is 9'6" long. I can't quite get the diagonal lay I'm looking for. I think an 11' long hammock would be better for me.) My hammock/tarp shelter system should be under 2.5 pounds (it's right at 2.5 now but I used heavy ballistic nylon for my hammock). My old "lightweight" tent was 5 pounds plus 2 pounds for the Thermarest pad.

    Quilt hooks, Ridge line hooks, and quilt clips from Dutch as well as Amsteel and some Lash it for the new hammock's whoopie slings, ridge line and it's gathered end lashing.

    Adapter kit from JetFlow to adapt my collapsible Nalgene water bag to my Sawyer filter.

    I'm adding this to my fairly recent purchase of a ULA Circuit pack and just last night I received a Go-Lite down jacket.

    I just want to say, This is all your fault. At this time last year I was perfectly happy sleeping on the ground and carrying a 35 pound pack for an overnight trip. But NO! I had to watch Shug's videos and then hang out with you guys and now I'm sleeping more comfortably than ever all while shedding over 15 pounds off of my base weight.

    My wife thinks you're all a bad influence. But between you and me, if any of you stop by the foothills of the Sierra mountains then I'm buying the first round of beers
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    Whoopie/Dutch Clip

    I just pulled the D.I.Y. trigger big time.

    Boy when you jump in you jump in. Lol. Sounds like you are going to be very busy. Bzzzzzzzz.
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    I found your video on youtube and used your jetflow with the well.

    So far, not suffering from the funky taste on the rubber gasket.

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