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    Free stuff!

    I am giving away drawing style the following three items, one item per winner. There will be five winners total, one each of the first two options and three of the third option. If you win, all that I ask is that you send me a SASE to cover the postage. (Okay, so it's almost free. )

    Option 1: Ridgeline organizer in ripstop nylon. Will be ~ 6" x 10". It is designed to have the ridgeline run through the top, meaning you must be able to free at least one side of your ridgeline to get it on. Will have little tabs for prusiks. (SASE: standard letter size, one stamp)

    Option 2: Silnylon two closure stuff sack, black (~12" x 7"). The perfect size for a tablecloth hammock. No cordlocks or drawcord will be included to save on postage. (SASE: 6x9, one stamp)

    Option 3: Imitation 100% polyester buff. Not name brand, but not bad for knockoffs. My choice of color. (SASE: 6x9, two stamps)

    I will pick winners Thursday night. Just respond to this thread to enter, and please state your order of preference on the items. Thanks and good luck!

    the fine print... I'm not a pro seamstress, so these items aren't going to be perfect, but they will perform as intended. Please be patient. I don't visit my PO box every day. US address only please!

    Okay I'm a bit early but here are the post numbers of the winners!!! They will be awarded their prizes in order of preference as they were drawn. I threw in an extra buff just because.

    Post 29: michigandave #1
    Post 17: Willjack1967 #2
    Post 35: bowl-maker #3
    Post 63: le_butters #3
    Post 45: OneEye #3
    Post 6: Narksos #3

    Winners PM me for my address. Seems like fewer folks want to enter with the SASE requirement? I apologize but I was starting to spend an awful lot of envelopes and postage. I like giving things away so I hope everyone understands.
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