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My only concerns with the tri-rings...they bite too good!
In the winter, I have issues backing out a 'little' webbing to make small adjustments.
I like the BB supplied webbing much better than even Strapworks (lighter)
Brandon once called me "crazy" for carrying the Strapworks stuff. While I still think he was a little harsh (), he is right. I haven't really had a situation to really put the durability to the test like I have with the Strapworks stuff (which is bombproof), it is much lighter and gives me no reason to believe it isn't tough as nails.

I've had the webbing catch in the tri-rings a couple of times, but the same with the rings. A quick sit in the hammock to load the webbing and you get the slack you need to release the webbing. Out of probably 30 or 40 hangs with the tri-rings, I think they've 'stuck' 2 or 3 times. I can live with that.