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    Me, 6' ... 185lbs....
    If I am correct about Shug saying in his video that his Blackbird is a 1.1 single with his weight at 185# would confirm that WBG uses a conservation weight rating from the previously stated rating of a 1.1 double rated at 300# and a 1.1 single at half the rating of a double. As any good engineering safety margin ought to be. Shug thanks for the input.


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    most my reccomendations are based on comfort, while the single 1.1 will hold one weight, it start to stretch quite a bit over 150 or so, causing less flatness and more shoulder squeeze. if you're in the 150-200 range and want a single, the single 1.7 will stretch considerably less for a relativly small weight penalty. the double 1.1 will stretch even less than the single 1.7 and has the pad pocket option

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