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I just finished a rigging class(navy) and one of the subjects was sling angle stress and the weight effects of a load when the angles are changed.
SO for all who always wanted to know what type/how much of load they are putting on there tree huggers and hammock line, here it is:
ref: NAVFAC P-307
when a sling angle is reduced to 0 degree the stress is increased by a factor of 13
when the angle is at 5 degrees the stress is increased by a factor of 11.49

so if I tighten my hammock to zero degrees and then lay in it, the lines are about 5 degrees. Now take my weight of 200 lbs times the 11.49 and you have
2298lbs ON EACH side.
So, why does the 1400lb line hold????
Answer, It has a built in safety factor, like 6 to 1 And the load(weight) I place on the hammock is slowly added. (don't jump into your hammock)

And for all those who want to tie a knot in your line, This will reduce the line strenght by 50% (the HH Knot is really a bend/lashing and not a Knot)

There is alot more info on this, If any one wants to 'really' know.

Sandy B