Ok first let me start of with my thoughts on 2QZQ service. This was my first time dealing with them and I have to say I was so impressed that I was bragging about them to my friends that have no idea what a Grizz Beak or a whoopie sling even is. When I first talked to Donna about it she told me she had never messed with cuben and was kinda hesitant to do so, but she agreed to look into and think about it. After she decided to give it a shot she kept me updated every step of the way. Even when nothing was happening she contacted me to let me know that she hadn't forgotten about me or the project. I never had to email her once to check up on things. That is what I call customer service. Now on to the product....

Everyone is well aware of their reputation for quality and, despite the fact that this was a new material for them to work with, this is no exception. The construction is flawless. If I didn't know better I wouldn't believe it was her first time working with cuben.

I finally got a chance to test that construction at the Hang For a Cure this past weekend and I have to say I am very happy. It took a few tries to install it because I watched the video once a few weeks ago and tried to do it based on my less than stellar memory. The construction performs as well as it looks. I made it a point to really tighten everything down to see if the stitching would hold up and it definitely did. With the doors closed down it seals up perfectly and with the doors in vestibule mode it really adds a lot of space under the tarp. You could easily store your pack under there without it being under your hammock.

Final thoughts.... This lives up to 2QzQs reputation for quality, works exactly as it should and is ready for the market. And after seeing the quality of her work with cuben I can't wait to see what other kinds of cuben goodness might come next...hint hint Donna