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    Back in 2000 I made two thru hike attempts, both ended early on in NC. But on one of the trips, I had tossed a net hammock into my pack on a whim. Each night I would set up my ground dweller camp and each night I would toss and turn trying to get comfortable. After a few days I would be sleep deprived and was not having any fun. One day I arrived at Sassafrass Gap in Ga and found Pittsburgh setup there waiting for his assisted hike people to show up as they were camping there for the night. It was a warm sunny afternoon so after talking with Pittsburgh for awhile, I decided to try out my hammock and see if I could get some zzzzzs. So, I found a spot nearby and set it up and was fast asleep. I never slept so good in my life! I laid there for several hours. When I awoke, I went back down to where Pittsburgh was sitting and he said I was snoring so loud he was afraid the trees were going to fall down. That was the deciding moment for me. Since then I have owned 2 Clarks, 2 Henneesees, a Speer and a Byer. I feel a BB purchase is imminent!
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