I have the HH Ultralight backpacker and I love it. I've slept down to 25F degrees with two sleeping bags and a Nalgene filled with boiling water. My butt was a little bit cold because of the compression in the sleeping bag, but I slept all right. But my question is about the Tarp. I have the stock diamond tarp and i just can't seem to get it to stay off the hammock. I've never been wet and I've slept through some good down pours and stayed dry. I'm seeing a lot of people are using a separate ridge line for the tarp. I'm attaching as the instructions say per the HH bag and website. I liked trek using paracord and just ridging it HH suspension hooks for the tarp just to get it off the hammock. I'm wanting to get the Hex tarp, would that require the separate ridge line? I also notice that when I sit in the hammock it naturally gets a little bit more slack and the tarp then needs readjusted. Any way to keep the tarp nice and taunt with out having to gun all new strapping system for it? Any advice would be great. Thanks everyone!