I just received my HH Explorer Deluxe (botttom entry) back from Donna with the 2QZQ mod #4.... very impressed!

Initial impression/inspection is top quality and extreme functionality. The zipper quality and sewing workmanship may be better than you would expect from the original manufacturer. And the mod #4 functionality really makes this bottom entry hammock the most verstatile hammock possible:
  • conventional bottom entry
  • zipper entry/exit left
  • zipper entry/exit right
  • bug net removal one end only
  • complete bug net removal into attached storage bag

This is the way HH should have made the hammock! Donna does a great job of keeping you informed of progress via email communication. Quality! Timeliness! Value! I'm really excited about my "new" hammock - even had her throw in an UQP for the return shipment.

Good Stuff.