I'm right on the Texas/Louisiana border, figured there are enough "howdy" threads!

I go my first taste for hammocks when stationed at FT. Polk, LA when in the Army (1/2 ACR)...because trust me, you do NOT want to sleep on the ground. Just a simple net hammock+poncho setup, kept warm with a poncho liner when needed, which wasn't often. The speed to setup and take down was essential when doing OPFOR rotations at JRTC, and after a few field problems, most of my platoon were using hammocks too.

After getting out I've continued using the basic setup when weather and climate permit, using a few tents after getting my wife and daughters out camping, but now that they are off to college, or disinterested, I find myself heading out and using the gear again...and find that hammock camping has exploded in popularity, with new hammocks, tarps, and associated gear...and a forum!!

Glad to be here, thanks to the host and admins and looking forward to getting caught up.