Finally got around to testing that UQ from my down stuffing video. Weather man predicted temp to be 50* for over night low. He was close, it got down to 45*. Tested products and conditions were, UnderQuilts,com full length with 9oz of down, converted (zipper removed) Slumberjack synthetic 40* mummy for TQ. Wearing a T shirt, short pants and no socks. Results were, @ the 3:30am nature call it was 50* and my top side was feeling cool, @ 6:30am itís 45*, starting to get light and my top side is VERY cool, backside felt good all night, thanks David. I need to get off my lazy bottom and finish your TQ, but I canít decide how much down to put in, as I want it for mild temps like I just did, but I have to keep in mind that Iím a very cold sleeper