Hello All

I posted this in the Warbonnet section but wanted to put it here also as I am a Hennessy Hammock owner and I love the bottom entry.
I'm looking to get a new hammock. I currently have a Hennessy Expedition Classic which I really like. However, I'm 6'0" which is the height limit for the hammock and I feel like I'm right at the edge. I've found being at the limit for items is not the most comfortable.

I've been very impressed with all I've read here on the WBBB. Which is listed as good for up to 6'8". The spec from the web site says it's more than 10" longer than my Hennessy. I'm working on saving up money for a purchase but need to figure out what to save for.

I've narrowed my choices down to (in no order):
1) Hennessy Explorer Classic
2) WBBB dbl (not sure if I should go 1.1 or 1.7) --I like the idea of being able to put a pad between the two layers

The web suspension seems much easier/quicker than the Hennessy lashing (but it works fine for me).

Any recommendations for me?

(targeting a fall purchase timeframe)

Thank you.