actually was talking about my ground experiences too. FROZE in the mid 30's with a 0* Marmot bag because I didn't realize how crappy my "air-core" was for heat retention. I thought, hey it's thick, it'll keep me warm. Wrong.

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Sorry, I am still talking about my pre-hammock experiences and how cold -I- sleep.
I shiver while others sweat (in similar sleeping bags in good pads on the ground side by side).

But I hear what you say about underquits, and I am realizing that what you say is exactly the situation, the UQ covers bottom and sides and the TQ just frosts the cake. Sounds to me like the underquilt is the most critical part of the system.

Which brings up something else I have wondered about. Seems like in wind you could get a lot of heat stolen from the underquilt. Do people ever hang a windproof layer of some kind under/around the underquilt?? Something that would serve the same purpose as the bivy bag I always carry and use when ground sleeping?
2QZQ make a UQ protector in either silnylon or plain ripstop, some people have condensation issues using a fully waterproof barrier on the outside of the UQ, I cannot speak to this though.