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    Second Annual Texas Butt Bake>July 19-21>New Waverly, TX

    Last year, a clarion call went out, echoing through the Piney Woods, over the Plains, in the canyons, across arroyos, and to the mountian tops!

    This winter we were shown pictures and video of bearded men swathed in many layers of down and fleece, hunched over fires and entombed in hammocks engulfed by top and underquilts of fearsome dimensions. We watched as they spoke to us from within them as condensation rose from thier ashen faces, frost bibs secured around their necks, trumpeting their acheivement in defying sub zero temperatures merely by the clever use of fabric.

    It is time that we, Men Of The South, Men Of TEXAS! show them true adventure! We shall show them that the greater feat is in surviving temperatures that can be defied only by enduring them! We cannot take off enough clothing or sleep gear to protect us from vicissitudes of weather that WE face!

    Imagine pictures and video of hardy men, sweat glistening off of thier bodies, cheerily hoisting flagons of iced tea with nothing but a pair of Ray Bans and cargo shorts to protect themselves from the sunlight! Imagine the awe with which they will view us and the glory that will be ours!!

    Brave men answered that call---and they prevailed! Only the Bravest of the Brave ventured forth, and the First Texas Butt Bake was an unqualified success.

    Once again, these brave men will venture forth to prove anew a senseless point (but isn't that what machisimo is all about?) and YOU can be a part of it!

    It takes nothing more than a brain unaffected by high temperatures, humidity, or mosquitoes---or one that has been so previously affected by those conditions that this sounds like a great idea.

    Tradition. Its all about Tradition. And Texas. And being awesomely Macho. Machisimo oozing from every pore in the body-----or is that perspiration?

    Dates will be Friday July 19 through Sunday July 21. Location will be the Four Notch Hunter's Camp at LSHT Parking Lot #8 on FM1375 northeast of New Waverly, Tx as shown on this map

    General plan is to arrive Friday, temporary camp at the Hunter's Camp where there will be plenty of cookies and Earl may show up.

    Saturday will be a hike to Hidden Lake. A description and pictures of the general area can be found in this thrilling adventure story.

    On Saturday morning, participants may choose thier own route to Hidden Lake:

    1. A hike of approximately 13 1/2 miles from Parking Lot #9.

    2. A hike of approximately 6 miles along the LSHT, thence up the Four Notch Loop, then .8 miles south on the caliche FS road (that's fancy talk for the road with the white rocks).

    3. A hike of approximately 5 miles along the Four Notch Loop, to the caliche road, then south to Hidden Lake.

    4. A hike of about 3 1/2 miles through the woods on an old logging road directly to Hidden Lake.

    Trail Map of Four Notch Loop and LSHT:

    Trail Map of route from Parking Lot 9 ( connects to map above, both maps required to show full route):

    Hidden Lake has filterable water that will leave your filter filled with green stuff---but none of us died drinking it it last time we were there.

    Places to hang abound, yet the area has several large clearings. This means we can hang in the shade, but have a campfire nearby in the open. Patrick reported last time that there were some good spots on the Eastern shore. Camping on the eastern side should ensure that we will be in deep shade by the afternoon, and sunlight in the early morning. Full Moon in July is on the 22nd, so we will have excellent night light as well.

    I plan to take the shorter route and start setting up camp. I will carry my Katahdyn Base Camp Filter for communal use and will try to find someplace that is both convenient to the water and the open area. I'll offer some limited pack space to carrying food for a group meal. Anyone who wishes to join me is welcome to do so, but this means we volunteer to carry some extra gear, water, and food to set up camp with and take a load off of folks coming in on the longer routes.

    Study up on your hot weather strategies. You should be thinking of ways to carry water. Guidelines for the amount of water to consume in the temperatures and humidity that we can expect is one gallon per person per day, and at this location we have no opportunities to stage water any closer than our starting point. DO NOT COUNT ON USING FILTERED WATER AS YOUR MAIN SOURCE, AND CONSERVE WHAT YOU HAVE UNTIL YOU ARRIVE AT THE LAKE TO SEE WHAT THE CONDITIONS ARE THERE. LITTLE TO NO WATER IS AVAILABLE ON THE TRAIL.
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