Taking my lead from Headchange4us' work on his Hennesey based hammock and the research done by Wilsonbmw (thanks so much for taking the plunge and taking your HH apart) I've had a go at making my own hammock.

It's just the base so far, I have not got around to working on any covers yet but it's a working hammock as of today

Basic description
Taking the fabric dimensions for an Explorer Deluxe Asym I roll hemmed (or watched my Mam roll hem) some DWR ripstop. (132"x60" ish)
Expanding on headchange4us' 8" tube ends I bumped them up to 12" to deal with the extra length (guesswork on whether this is necessary or not).

'loop thingies' were made from short lengths of 5mm spectra. I didnt double them up as I think the knot will be big enough to prevent pull through. In hindsight I would like them longer to allow for a longer whipping area and room for the larks head attachment. I was taking some 'spare' from my mainline for my Byer and I did not want to use too much.

I folded and rolled both the W'BMW and the HC4U way and in the end settled for 4 under folds and a final fold together the same way. (give me two shovels and ask me to take my pick...).
After a few hangs I might try a different way but this seems fine for now.

I whipped a la Just Jeffs instructions, worked a treat, even with the fairly light and slippy material.

Slung some 4 mm spectra between two camping 'biners as a ridge line. I think if I use longer 'loop thingies' I might larks head the ridge line to cut down on weight, although having 'biners in the hammock is handy for hanging gear from.
The suggested length of the HH explore ridge line is 108" but I'm going by feel.

I picked up two 3.5m lengths of 25mm polypro webbing, tied loops in the end, larksheaded them behind the webbing and 4 wrapped/k knotted the whole thing between two trees

(Please excuse the ropey cameraphone shot).

I haven't attached tie outs yet because I am awaiting my BCUK underquilt and was unsure where they go.
It felt great, really roomy and flat, I had a great and tried out a few different lying styles.

Packing away in the dark (nice and easy with the starps and skins) I heard a noise and turned on my head torch, 20 foot away was a man, he came over and asked me if I was camping?
I told him 'I was just trying this hammock out',
I also told him that he'd 'scared seven shades out of me! since I thought this place was deserted'
He said he was 'surprised you didn't seen more people about as this place was very popular' as he walked away despondant he said 'it's where men go to meet men'.
What was that line about being surprised at the interesting places you can put a hammock up?

All in all I'm really pleased about how this turned out. I'm planning on some ring supports next, followed by tieouts, then possibly some netting/covers in time.
Thanks to all those who have gone there first and made the information readily available