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    FS: Warbonnet XLC


    Tried it out in my basement a few times and its confirmed once again that I just cant get comfortable in gathered ends. I was just going to send back for a refund tomorrow, but i know there is a waiting time for this hammock, and will just post this for just a short time in case somebodys in a hurry and wants one now. Here the description:

    Suspension Type: Adjustable Webbing Suspension , Hammock: XLC Blackbird double 1.1/1.9multicam(net only)

    Its good as new. Ill ship priority mail tomorrow, Monday, Conus. I paid $231 shipped. Im asking $240 which should put me about even after paypal and shipping fees, taking into account what it would cost me to ship it back to Warbonnet. Paypal only please.

    Personally, I wouldnt take me up on this, but I also know what its like to want something now!
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