Just wanted to say thanks to Adam and the folks at Hammock Gear for the great products and personal service. I live outside of Columbus so naturally am happy to keep my business local, so here is my story...

I called Adam with a few questions a couple months back, he answered them and worked with me to make sure I had what I wanted, I metioned to him that I had the Incubator, but an older model, he suggested I send it in and he would do an update to it at no charge, he also invited me to check out their shop if I were ever in the area. I placed the order for a 40 degree burrow, a 20 degree burrow a 40 degree phoenix, and a cuben hex.

A few weeks later I realized I had a Friday off due to Spring break at Ohio State University, where I work, so off to Zaleski SF to test out some new gear, and get a quick overnighter in. I remembered the inivite, so called Adam and asked if I could just drop the older Incubator by, he said sure and met me at the shop. He gave me the short tour and showed me some different items he was working on and of couse we talked gear from Hammocks to packs. He then looked at my order ticket to see what stage of production it was in, and said, "Oh, you have a Hex", he then grabbed one and thew it to me and said "have fun with that at Zaleski!"

Needless to say I did have fun with it at Zaleski! I have since recieved the rest of my order and could not be happier with the product...I just ordered another 20 degree burrow for my wife, who was equally impressed, no small feet for a couple who have a half dozen Western Mountaineering bags that they have loved for years.

Anyway, that's the story, great people and a great product. This is why I buy from the cottage gear folks, and tell all my friends about them as well.

Happy Hangin!