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    Re: Catch-All Suspension

    Your idea sounds similar to what I will be playing with when my whoopie hooks arrive (ordered this morning) and it should work fine. I will be using toggles and msh though instead of a 'biner

    Mouseskowitz, my cf toggles (from a broken fly rod) weigh 1g each or 3g for the pair on my scales, and that's including a dyneema loop on each one

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe_guilbeau View Post

    So the adjustment is putting in enough butterfly alpine knots (reduces 1,200 lb static line strength of the Amsteel to about 33% or 400 lbs.)
    I appreciate that you realize how much your knots degrade the strength of the Amsteel, many people don't. But that honestly doesn't sound safe to me. Granted I'm not exactly small, so that puts the safety factor under 2. Personally I like to stay above 3, 5 is nicer.

    Just thinking out loud here, but I'm not quite sure what makes your setup a redundant system. Yes, if the rope breaks in the loop then the other loops will catch it, but what keeps the failure point from being in the knot and thus being catastrophic or the end of the broken loop pulling out of the knot and again being catastrophic?

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