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    First outing could have gone better...

    New to hammockforums, first time posting. I received an ENO doublenest for my birthday last month and have been reading all the great tips available here. I figured I needed to get out on the hammock for a night to start my own experiences. I set up my hammock in the backyard, checked the weather to be certain there was no rain in the forecast (no tarp), and grabbed my sleeping bag and pillow for my outing.

    Iím sure we all have funny stories about a new venture, but my girlfriend, roommate, work associates, and clients didnít appreciate my first night out. So I thought I would share with folks here since Iíll be learning from your experiences as I move from my tent to my hammock.

    I must have missed the part about how difficult it is to get into a sleeping bag while in a hammock. The slippery material, a moving hammock, and a zipper that didnít want to slide easily Ė well lets just say it took everything I had not to flip out and I think I pulled a couple muscles. Oh well, I was finally in my zipped up sleeping bag and ready for a good night sleep. That good night sleep lasted 3 hours, then the winds started to gust and the temperature dropped. Wow, I donít remember coming out of a sound sleep so fast. My backside was freezing, the sides of my hammock were flapping, and this 240 lb person was swinging in the wind. Thirty minutes later I decided it was time to head indoors. Then panic struck Ė how am I going to get out of this sleeping bagÖ

    Even though my first night was cut short, Iím excited about getting out again and learning the art of hammock camping. I have a new appreciation for tarps, socks, quilts (under and top), hammock setup, sleeping positions, etcÖ

    I know you all have had some fun experiences camping in a hammock and I look forward to reading more of those as I continue my research.
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