It was supposed to rain and get down to mid 30F temps - it did neither. But we had fun day hiking and camping in a very quiet campground. This early in the year not too many folks out there.

A pretty good shot of the shelf:

That's what a nine year old looks like while being eaten by a Blackbird.

Big feet in a big footbox:

Head end with JRB Hudson River:

I had a pad under the hammock just in case; I've had difficulty adjusting underquilts on the HH and wasn't sure this would be a warm 40F night or a cold one. I'd put the end drawstring mod on the quilt to help keep the foot end close to the hammock bottom. After getting in, I was able to reach around and adjust the head end drawstring to eliminate sag and gapping while still lying in the hammock. I had the shock cord suspension attached above the tri rings on one end, and below the rings on the other; the end drawstring was pulled up to the knot in the line below the rings at the foot end. After a bit I could feel coldness on my hip. Reaching out and exploring the quilt while still in the hammock, I could tell the quilt had no loft, the nylon was pulled tight. Moving the end drawcord biner below the knot did the trick; it ended up at the foot end whipping. I slept warm for the remainder of the night despite much moving about.

I had a thick book, headlamp, gloves, socks, camera, and wallet in the shelf without issues. The shelf hangs outside the quilt.

I was able to sleep with my feet in the footbox, and tried both sides, my back, a half and half position with my back flat and a twist in my hips - it was pretty hard to find an uncomfortable position. My hang was suboptimal; the trees were about 13-14 feet apart. I had trouble getting the tarp tight enough due to not enough room to tie knots. Had a little bit of a "ridge" at the foot end, but the foot box gives enough room that this isn't an issue; sleeping on my side put the ridge to the left of my legs.

I threw my Driducks poncho over the bugnet and the temp inside rose several degrees almost immediately. Might be worth sewing grosgrain loops on the Driducks.

All in all, this claustrophobe found the BB very roomy and comfy, and easy to adjust. The ease of getting the quilt right was especially nifty to me, having jumped in and out of the HH many times to guess and adjust and guess again. It didn't seem to matter what position I was in, the quilt adjusted with the hammock and kept me warm.