I have been researching and looking all over for a hammock that suits me. Unfortunately I know very little about hammocks, quality, usefulness, and what I will really need.

That being said, I plan to use this hammock for backpacking during spring and summer in the South Carolina, North Carolina, area. I am 5'5 and 180#. Side sleeper. Looking to spend $100 or less.

So far I think I would be interested in a Grand Trunk Ultralight, Grand Trunk Nano-7, Ultralight travel hammock, Byer Traveller light, and MMG Bivvy Hammock. I would also probably look to add Whoopies , a ridge line, and a tarp cover eventually.

I hope you guys/gals can help me to make an educated first purchase that I will be happy with and will last me a while. Thanks, in advance, for the help.