I know this is mostly a personal preference, but I want some input.

I've decided to upgrade from my GTUL (which isn't all that comfortable/warm) to something a little nicer.

I want a bugnet - you NEED a bugnet in Alabama in the spring when I do most of my camping. I'm trying to decide on a larger/another style of gathered end OR to go Asym. Do most people notice a difference? I'm a side sleeper, so maybe that's why the GTUL doesn't really work for me.

I also plan on getting an Underquilt, so I'm assuming I should decide what style hammock to get first, or will they interchange and still keep you warm? I have a MJ tarp already, so I'm covered in that department.....

In searching, I only see two Asym - the Blackbird and the Hennesy. Am I missing others?