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    Quote Originally Posted by TallPaul View Post
    Here's my advice...
    Trail selection is key... Low mileage... If you are going slow, they'll have time to see things... Butterflies, frogs, whatever...

    If you are a person with a bunch of rules or set expectations, relax them ... Just focus on the kids having fun. Didn't cover 5 miles? Who cares. Let the success of the trip be their joy.

    Food selection... Silly as it sounds its things like what they ate that they remember. Marshmallows, chocolate... Hot chocolate with marshmallows.

    Stop when you come to fallen logs, so they can act like its a balance beam. Crossing creeks? Who doesn't love to go from rock to rock! Feet get wet? No worries. Crossing creeks is much easier once you already have wet feet.

    Get them each a disposable camera and watch them take terrible pictures that they think are the greatest. They'll probably shoot half the shots in an sweat... It served a purpose of having them see things.

    Finally, on a serious note, be safe. The above is the side I present to them, but I'm always prepared for bad weather, rain, cold, mosquitos, etc.
    +89 This is really great advice tallPaul
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    Subscribing to this thread for the future.

    We're getting our 6 month old out next month so he's obviously not carrying anything, but before you know it...

    It's already blowing my mind how quick he's growing up.

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    When my oldest girls were 7, 5, and 2, I had a vision of taking them backpacking in the Rockies. It's been a joy to see this come to pass.

    They're now 24, 23, and 20, and it's been a real pleasure to hike with them in the mountains! They've all been above 13,000 ft, and have experienced the thrill of seeing the world from that vantage point.

    I'm planning to take my 13 yo son on the Ozark Highlands Trail in June, covering ~20 miles. He hasn't been a backpacker, but it should be a growing experience for us both. We're looking forward to it.

    Go for it!
    ol' daddy

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